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Dr. Nisha Khanna (PhD)

PhD - Psychology, MA - Psychology

"2002 - 2007 Psychologist at Womens Helpline"
2007 - 2022 Psychologist at Bye Tense


Dr Nisha Khanna C43, Ground Floor, Soami Nagar North, New delhi, Landmark: Near HDFC Bank, Delhi Delhi
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Counselling Psychologist Psychotherapist
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  • Psychologist


  • PhD - Psychology
  • MA - Psychology


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  • English
  • Hindi

About Me

Dr Nisha Khanna offers Online, Telephonically and Face-to-Face Counselling Services. Dr Nisha Khanna has 20 years of worldwide experience in the field of Mental Health. She has counselled more than 30k+ people over one to one basis for hours and hours across the Globe. She is a renowned leading Psychologist and is more popular in Delhi, NCR and India as a Marriage and Family Counselor. She is a Celebrity Psychologist, Twice TEDx Speaker, Trained Marriage and Family Therapist Certified Couple Facilitator, Certified EQ Assessor, and Certified Brain Profiler. She is certified in EQ Testing and Compatibility Testing. She is Blogger, Columnist, and TV and Radio Panelist for the last 14 years. show more


* Certified Accredited Prepare Enrich India Facilitator - 2016
* EQ Assesser Certification - 2016
* EQ Profiler Certification - 2016
* EQ Fellow Certification - 2016
* FDP on Universal Humans Values and Professional Ethics (Level-I) - 2018
* Awarded as India’s Best Marriage & Family Counsellor by INDIA HEALTHCARE AWARDS 2018. - 2018
* Awarded as Best Relationship Counselor for Family & Marriage in India by India's Healthcare Excellence Awards - 2018
* Social Impact Award (2018-2019) for Exemplary Work in the field of Women Empowerment
* Marriage Counselling and Motivational speaking. - 2018
* Certified Training Course of Marriage and Family Therapy (NIMHANS) Bangalore - 2006
* Women of Eminence Award - 2019


* Delh\xadi Ps\xady\xadch\xadiatric S\xadociety\xad (DPS\xad) N\xad\xadew\xad Delh\xadi.
* Ind\xadia\xadn A\xads\xads\xadocia\xadtion of Fa\xadm\xad\xadil\xady\xad Th\xader\xada\xadpy\xad (IA\xadFT) Ind\xadia\xad.
* In\xaddian\xad C\xadoun\xadc\xadil\xad of As\xadtrol\xadogic\xadal\xad S\xadc\xadie\xadn\xadc\xade\xads\xad (IC\xadAS\xad) C\xadh\xade\xadn\xadn\xadai.
* Head\xadi\xadngt\xadon I\xadnst\xadi\xadt\xadut\xade’s CARD\xad D\xadi\xadrect\xadory (Counsell\xadors Assi\xadst\xadi\xadng Rel\xadi\xadef and\xad D\xadevel\xadopm\xad\xadent\xad) Cal\xadi\xadforni\xada
* Delhi Medical Association (DMA)
* Indian Psychiatric Society

Dr Nisha Khanna

PhD - Psychology, MA - Psychology

2Dr Nisha Khanna C43, Ground Floor, Soami Nagar North, New delhi, Landmark: Near HDFC Bank, Delhi, Delhi

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Common questions & answers

Q: 1. Dr. Nisha Khanna (PhD), what is Psychiatry?

A: Psychiatry is a medical specialty focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.

Q: 2. Can you help me understand what causes psychiatric disease?

A: Certainly, psychiatric disorders can arise from a combination of various factors like Biological Factors, Environmental Factors, Psychological Factors, Social and Cultural Factors, Medical Conditions and Substance Use.

Q: 3. What Precautions can we take to avoid diseases related to Psychology?

A: To avoid diseases related to psychiatric one should maintain a Healthy Lifestyle, Manage Stress, Build Resilience, Seek Early Intervention, Promote Social Connection.

Q: 4. What are the specialization of Dr. Nisha Khanna (PhD)?

A: Dr. Nisha Khanna (PhD) is a Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Q: 5. What are the treatments offered by Dr. Nisha Khanna (PhD)?

A: Family Counseling, Stress Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Relationship Counselling, Pre-Marital Counselling and many more.