Best Dental Hospital in East of Kailash South Delhi

Best Dental Hospital in East of Kailash South Delhi

  • 2023-01-03
  • Best Dental Hospital in East of Kailash South Delhi , Best Dental Hospital in Delhi, best dentist in south Delhi

Dentistry has evolved many folds with technology, new advances, and tools. We at Vins Health ensure your complete dental care in New Delhi plus NCR with comprehensive efforts to provide you with the best dental clinic in south Delhi and service providers.

With the latest technology, we ensure dental treatment with pain-free procedures. We owe a team of medical executives who help you all day to find the best quality services. We aim to have customer satisfaction as our priority. We believe in providing comfort to patients and helping them with our easy-to-understand and elegantly designed website.

Here, we intend to bring you a specific top-rated and most flourished "dental hospital near me" where you may get the doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, and other specialists at the cost of in-office visits. 

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Best Dental Clinic in South Delhi, Near Me

Fortino Dental

Located in the Kailash Colony Market, Metro Gate No 2, the center helps you with easy appointments and a friendly environment for kids. Whether it is about denture visits, suggestions, times & procedures, they help you with all kinds of medical & dental issues. The doctors are courteous, and the clinic follows all the basic rules of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, showing off the luxury infrastructure to support the attraction for patients and their relatives. They are professional, knowledgeable, and take good care of the basic COVID protocols.

Shubham Hospital

Being located in the prime location of Kalkaji, the hospital serves you with a great environment and experienced doctors. A few doctors named Dr. Sushma and Dr. Arushi work here. They help to maintain a good atmosphere with at least 30+ years of experience. If you are searching for any good quality dental treatment in Delhi, they are always with you in your nearby Kalkaji, South Delhi location.

L Gela Ram Memorial Dental Clinic

It is one of the primely listed dental clinic in south Delhi. Since dentistry is one of the crucial specialties and you need to take good care of the teeth because of no other choice and substitute, you need to maintain good healthcare, not only in terms of maintaining the amount of food you eat but the diet you take throughout the day. L Gela Ram Memorial Dental Clinic in East Of Kailash provides you with all the primary services for cavities, plaque, gums, pain, and dental issues. They provide easy booking for doctors for the specialties like end-to-end clinical, surgical, and diagnostic services.

The Dentaris

Located in the prime location of Friend's Colony, East delhi, they serve you with flexible teeth and oral hygiene care. They have a team of doctors serving you all the time and throughout the day for your dental and oral health. They are experts in various oral and teeth operations like general dentistry, Tooth Extraction, Artificial Teeth, Cosmetic Makeovers, etc. They are the best dental clinic in south Delhi, helping you with all sorts of dental & medicines.

Dr. Kathurias Dentistry

Healthcare can never be compromised with any substitute. Hospitals play a significant role in helping patients with medical issues. They serve the populations, overcome social disparities and bring knowledge of new and emerging medical technologies. This is where Dr. Kathurias Dentistry in East Of Kailash, Delhi, helps with all sorts of oral health & hygiene. Suppose you are searching for a dental hospital near me they are not far away from your prime location in south Delhi. They support friendly staff and help you with your major in dentistry & medical services.

Many of the hospitals mentioned above and dental clinic in south Delhi help you with the best dental team in South Delhi, supporting the unlimited calling & welcoming members. They provide you with the best state-of-the-art technology and updated technical tools or advances in dentistry. They help you with specialized care for patients with sensible and fearless dental treatments.

We have enlisted several dentist clinic in Delhi, doctors, and hospitals with several experiences with a wide range of specialties & achievements. These specialties may include teeth cleaning, orthodontic treatment, dental implants, and much more, all under one roof. We at help you with the range of best dental care in Delhi, be it for any corner or place.

Best Dentist in South Delhi

1. Dr. Sourabh Nagpal

Dr. Sourabh Nagpal, a highly accomplished dentist based in Delhi, renowned for his exceptional expertise and 13 years of experience in the field. With a specialized degree in implantology, he possesses unparalleled skills in prosthodontics, crowns, bridges, dentures, and implant-supported prosthesis.

Moreover, Dr. Nagpal has undergone extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, encompassing cosmetic smile designing and soft tissue contouring, further enhancing his ability to craft stunning smiles.

Conveniently located in Vasant Kunj, he proudly runs his own clinic, inviting you to experience top-notch dental care. Don't miss the opportunity to benefit from the services of one of Delhi's finest dentists—make an appointment with Dr. Sourabh Nagpal today!

2. Dr. Abhishek Arora

Dr. Abhishek Arora, a distinguished dental surgeon with more than 12 years of expertise in the field of dentistry. With a focus on both fundamental and cutting-edge dental procedures, he offers a comprehensive range of services, including dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, smile corrections, gap closures, fixed teeth, wisdom tooth extraction, root canal therapy, gum surgery, braces, paediatric dentistry, metal-free crowns, and bridges.

3. Dr. Shikha Goel

Dr. Shikha Goel, a highly experienced and dedicated professional with 13 years of expertise as a principal dentist and Director at Goel Dental. Her passion for dentistry and commitment to excellence make her the ideal choice for all your dental needs.

Whether you require root canals, fillings, extractions, aesthetic crowns, gum surgeries, or kids dentistry, Dr. Shikha Goel is the expert you can trust. She also specializes in advanced treatments like failed root canals, zoom teeth whitening, and cosmetic dental procedures including gap closures, veneers, post and core, kids dentistry, and dental implants.

4. Dr. Manish Gupta

Dr. Manish Gupta, a highly experienced dentist with over 21 years of expertise in the field of dentistry. He is a true specialist in aesthetic dentistry and microscopic endodontics. Dr. Gupta's mastery extends to implant dentistry, where he skillfully combines the artistry and technical precision required for exceptional results. Don't wait any longer - schedule an appointment with him today and experience the finest dental care available!

5. Dr. Amit Bhatia

Dr. Amit Bhatia, a highly experienced orthodontist with over 11 years of expertise. His specialized focus lies in providing exceptional Orthodontic treatment, catering to both irregular teeth correction without braces and with braces. As a visiting orthodontist, he serves at several esteemed clinics across Delhi NCR, in addition to running his own clinic in the convenient locations of Malviya Nagar and Faridabad. For all your dental needs, don't miss the opportunity to consult with Dr. Amit Bhatia and experience top-notch care and treatment.

6. Dr. Sameer Sharma

Dr. Sameer Sharma, an accomplished dentist with a specialization in prosthodontics and an impressive 28 years of experience in the field. At his state-of-the-art dental clinic in Vasant Vihar, you'll find a comprehensive range of services, all conveniently available under one roof. Don't let your oral concerns hold you back any longer - visit Dr. Sharma's clinic today and experience top-notch care for all your dental needs!

7. Dr. Monisha Mitra

Dr. Monisha Mitra, a highly experienced and esteemed dentist at Dr. Khosla's Dental Clinic. With over 30 years of expertise under her belt, she has earned a reputation as one of the senior-most professionals in the field.

Dr. Mitra's proficiency spans a wide range of dental services, including dental implants, root canals, crown and bridge work, dentures, dental surgeries, full mouth rehabilitation, and cosmetic dentistry. Her commitment to providing top-notch care ensures that patients leave with a radiant and confident smile.

8. Dr. Anupam Bhargava

Dr. Anupam Bhargava, a seasoned dental practitioner with 23 years of clinical experience and a distinguished credential as a diplomate from the World Congress of Implantology. He is an expert in endodontics, restorative dentistry, and dental implants. Take the opportunity to schedule an appointment at his Vasant Vihar clinic and entrust your dental health in the hands of a skilled professional!

9. Dr. Nidhi Gupta

Dr. Nidhi Gupta, a highly experienced comprehensive dentist with an impressive 19-year track record. Her primary focus lies in preventive measures and restorative techniques. With her expertise, she adeptly diagnoses and skillfully manages both dental and non-dental issues that impact the oral and maxillofacial region. Don't wait any longer – schedule an appointment with her right away!

When searching for the best dental clinic in South Delhi, look no further than our esteemed establishment. With a dedication to providing top-notch dental care and a commitment to the well-being of our patients, we have consistently earned the trust and satisfaction of our clientele.

Frequently Asked Questions (Dental Clinic in South Delhi)

Q: Why is it important to visit the dentist regularly?

A: Regular dental check-ups are essential to maintain good oral health. Dentists can detect and address dental issues early, preventing them from becoming more serious problems. They also clean your teeth professionally, removing plaque and tartar, which helps in preventing cavities and gum disease.

Q: How often should I visit the dentist?

A: It is generally recommended to visit the dentist every six months for regular check-ups and cleanings. However, the frequency may vary based on individual needs and oral health conditions. Your dentist will advise you on the appropriate schedule for your specific situation.

Q: What can I expect during a dental check-up?

A: During a dental check-up, your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth for any signs of issues or abnormalities. They may also take X-rays to get a more comprehensive view of your oral health. After the examination, your dentist will discuss any findings with you and recommend any necessary treatments or preventive measures.

Q: Does dental treatment hurt?

A: Dentistry has advanced significantly, and modern techniques and technology have made dental treatments much more comfortable than before. Dentists use local anesthesia to numb the area being treated, ensuring minimal to no pain during most procedures. However, some treatments may cause mild discomfort, but your dentist will do their best to make you as comfortable as possible.

Q: What should I do in case of a dental emergency?

A: If you experience a dental emergency such as a severe toothache, a knocked-out tooth, or a broken dental restoration, contact your dentist immediately. Many dental clinics have emergency services to address urgent dental issues promptly.


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