IVF Cost in Bengaluru

IVF Cost in Bengaluru

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a revolutionary assisted reproductive technology that offers hope to millions of couples struggling with infertility. This procedure involves fertilizing an egg with sperm outside the body, creating embryos, and then transferring the healthiest embryo back into the woman's uterus. Although IVF has brought joy to numerous families, the cost of the procedure can be a significant concern for many potential patients. In this blog, we will explore the factors that affect IVF cost in Bengaluru, India's leading medical hub for fertility treatments.

IVF Cost in Bengaluru               

Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka, has emerged as a prominent destination for medical tourism, including infertility treatments like IVF. The cost of IVF treatment in Bengaluru varies widely, ranging from INR 1,50,000 to INR 3,00,000 per cycle. This cost typically includes consultations, medications, ultrasounds, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, and a follow-up visit. However, additional costs may arise due to specific medical conditions, genetic testing, and frozen embryo transfers.

COST (Average IVF Treatment  + Self Egg  + Donor Egg) 


Types of IVF Procedure

Average Cost IVF Treatment Cycle (Excluding Medicines and Blood Tests)*

Cost IVF Programme per cycle

Rs. 1,20,000 - Rs. 1,60,000 (INJECTION & MEDICINE EXTRA)

IVF Cost Single Cycle (with Donor Egg)

Rs. 1,22,000 - Rs. 2,20,000

IVF Cost with Donor Egg

Rs. 2,75,000 - Rs. 3,00,000

IVF Cost with ICSI

Rs. 1,75,000 - Rs. 1,85,000

IVF Treatment Cost (Single Cycle) with Self Egg

Rs. 1,20,000 - Rs. 2,20,000

IVF Treatment Cost with Donor sperm

Rs. 2,10,000

IVF Treatment Cost with PICSI

Rs. 1,85,000 - Rs. 2,00,000

IVF treatment with PGD/PGS technique

Rs. 2,75,000 - Rs. 3,00,000

IVF with Laser Assisted Hatching

Rs. 2,20,000


Here are a few of Bengaluru's top low-cost IVF clinics with high pregnancy success rates:

Janisthaa Fertility Center & Hospital

Janisthaa Fertility Center & Hospital stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking affordable IVF solutions in Bengaluru. Led by a team of experienced fertility specialists, the center is known for its personalized care and compassionate approach towards patients. With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on evidence-based treatments, Janisthaa aims to achieve successful pregnancies at an affordable cost, making it a popular choice among couples seeking low-cost IVF in Bengaluru.

Dr. Rama’s Fertility IVF Center

At Dr. Rama's Fertility IVF Center, the emphasis is on offering world-class fertility treatments without breaking the bank. With a team of dedicated specialists and advanced technologies, the center has earned a reputation for providing cost-effective IVF solutions. Dr. Rama's Fertility IVF Center focuses on individualized treatment plans, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care tailored to their unique needs.

Tamara Hospital & IVF Center

Tamara Hospital & IVF Center is a well-known establishment dedicated to providing affordable fertility treatments to couples in Bengaluru. The center prides itself on its patient-centric approach and aims to make IVF accessible to a broader section of the population. Tamara's experienced medical team utilizes the latest advancements in reproductive medicine to increase the chances of successful conception for patients, all at an affordable cost.

Aansh IVF Hospital

Aansh IVF Hospital is committed to offering hope to couples facing fertility challenges by providing cost-effective IVF treatments in Bengaluru. The hospital's team of skilled fertility specialists focuses on transparency, affordability, and patient satisfaction. With a mission to make IVF accessible to all, Aansh IVF Hospital ensures that financial constraints do not stand in the way of a couple's dream of parenthood.

Kiran Infertility Center

Kiran Infertility Center is a renowned name in the field of infertility treatments and is dedicated to providing low-cost IVF solutions in Bengaluru. The center's caring and experienced team of experts work closely with patients to understand their unique needs and offer tailored treatment plans. Kiran Infertility Center believes in providing cost-effective treatments without compromising on the quality of care.

Oasis Fertility Center

Oasis Fertility Center has been serving as a pillar of support for couples dealing with infertility issues by providing affordable IVF treatments in Bengaluru. The center's approach revolves around utilizing cutting-edge technology to maximize success rates while keeping the treatment costs reasonable. Oasis Fertility Center takes pride in offering hope and joy to numerous families through their low-cost IVF services.

Morpheus Ayaansh Fertility Center

Morpheus Ayaansh Fertility Center is renowned for its commitment to providing affordable fertility treatments in Bengaluru. With a team of highly skilled fertility specialists and embryologists, the center aims to offer low-cost IVF solutions without compromising on the quality of care. Morpheus Ayaansh Fertility Center's success stories have earned them the trust of many aspiring parents.

Mannat Fertility Clinic

Mannat Fertility Clinic is a well-established name among low-cost IVF centers in Bengaluru, offering comprehensive fertility treatments at affordable prices. The clinic's approach centers around empathetic care and evidence-based practices. Mannat Fertility Clinic believes that every couple deserves a chance at parenthood and strives to make IVF accessible to all.

Mathrutva Fertility Center

Mathrutva Fertility Center is dedicated to providing hope and happiness to couples struggling with infertility through affordable IVF treatments in Bengaluru. The center's team of experienced fertility specialists focuses on personalized care and cost-effective solutions. Mathrutva Fertility Center's consistent success in achieving positive outcomes has made it a preferred choice for many couples seeking low-cost IVF.

Aikya Fertility and Research Center

Aikya Fertility and Research Center is committed to making infertility treatments affordable and accessible to couples in Bengaluru. The center's multidisciplinary team of fertility experts employs the latest techniques and technologies to increase the chances of successful conception. Aikya Fertility and Research Center's cost-effective IVF services have brought happiness to numerous families.


Factors Affecting IVF Cost

Numerous factors contribute to the overall cost of IVF treatment in Bengaluru. Understanding these factors can help patients make informed decisions and manage their expenses effectively.

  • Clinic Reputation and Success Rates: Reputed IVF clinics with higher success rates may charge more due to their track record of achieving successful pregnancies. Patients often find it worthwhile to invest in a clinic with a proven track record.
  • Specialist Expertise: IVF treatment requires the expertise of highly trained specialists, including reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, and fertility nurses. The experience and skillset of the medical team can influence the cost of treatment.
  • Diagnostic Tests: Before commencing IVF, couples undergo several diagnostic tests to evaluate their fertility status. The cost of these tests can vary based on the clinic and the specific tests recommended.
  • Medications: IVF involves the use of hormonal medications to stimulate egg production. These medications can constitute a significant portion of the overall cost. The type and dosage of medications required depend on the patient's individual needs.
  • Number of Cycles: Some couples may require multiple IVF cycles to achieve a successful pregnancy. The cost can increase if additional cycles are needed.
  • Additional Treatments: In certain cases, couples may require additional treatments like intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), or frozen embryo transfer (FET). Each of these treatments adds to the overall cost.
  • Geographical Location: The cost of living and medical services can vary based on the city or region. IVF centers in metropolitan areas like Bengaluru might have higher overheads, which could be reflected in the treatment cost.
  • Insurance Coverage: The availability of health insurance coverage for IVF treatment can significantly impact the out-of-pocket expenses for patients. Unfortunately, IVF coverage is not widespread in many regions.
  • Donor Services: Couples availing donor sperm, eggs, or embryos will incur additional costs related to the procurement and preparation of these gametes.
  • Affordability and Financial Assistance: Considering the potential financial burden of IVF treatment, it's essential for couples to explore options to make the process more affordable.
  • Payment Plans: Many IVF clinics in Bengaluru offer flexible payment plans, allowing patients to spread the cost over several months.
  • Medical Loans: Specialized medical loans are available to cover IVF expenses, and they often come with favorable interest rates and repayment terms.
  • Government and NGO Schemes: In some cases, governmental and non-governmental organizations may provide financial assistance or subsidies for IVF treatment.
  • Employer Benefits: Some progressive employers offer infertility benefits as part of their health insurance plans, which can help employees offset IVF costs.
  • Medical Tourism: Bengaluru's popularity as a medical tourism destination can be advantageous for international patients, as IVF costs in India are generally more affordable compared to many other countries.

Considerations Before Starting IVF Treatment

Consultation and Evaluation: Before proceeding with IVF, couples should undergo a thorough consultation and evaluation with a fertility specialist. Understanding the underlying causes of infertility and possible treatment options can help set realistic expectations and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Reviewing the Treatment Plan: Patients must carefully review the proposed treatment plan, including the associated costs. Clarifying any doubts or concerns with the medical team can prevent misunderstandings later.

Seeking Second Opinions: If uncertain about the recommended treatment or the cost quoted, seeking a second opinion from another reputable clinic can provide valuable insights.

Emotional and Mental Preparedness: IVF can be emotionally and mentally taxing. Couples should be prepared for the ups and downs of the treatment journey and seek support when needed.

IVF treatment is a ray of hope for couples facing infertility, but its cost can be a significant challenge. In Bengaluru, the cost of IVF treatment varies depending on factors such as clinic reputation, specialist expertise, diagnostic tests, medications, and the number of cycles required. However, there are various financial assistance options and considerations that can make IVF more affordable and accessible to deserving couples. If you're considering IVF, take the time to explore the available options, seek guidance from experts, and make well-informed decisions for your fertility journey. Remember, hope and persistence often lead to the most beautiful outcomes in the end.


Q: How much does IVF cost in Bengaluru?

A: The cost of IVF in Bengaluru can vary depending on several factors, including the clinic's reputation, location, the experience of the medical team, and any additional treatments or tests required. In Bengaluru, a single IVF cycle can cost anywhere between INR 1,50,000 and INR 3,00,000.

Q: Does insurance cover the cost of IVF in Bengaluru?

A: Unfortunately, in most cases, health insurance in India does not cover the cost of IVF treatment. However, it is essential to check with your insurance provider for any available infertility treatment benefits.

Q: Are there any low-cost IVF centers in Bengaluru?

A: Yes, there are several low-cost IVF centers in Bengaluru that aim to make infertility treatments more affordable and accessible. Some renowned low-cost IVF centers include Janisthaa Fertility Center & Hospital, Dr. Rama’s Fertility IVF Center, Tamara Hospital & IVF Center, and Aansh IVF Hospital, among others.

Q: What factors can affect the cost of IVF treatment in Bengaluru?

A: Several factors can influence the cost of IVF treatment in Bengaluru, such as the clinic's reputation and success rates, the expertise of the medical team, diagnostic tests required, the number of IVF cycles needed, and any additional treatments or services like genetic testing or donor services.

Q: Are there any financial assistance options available for IVF in Bengaluru?

A: Yes, some IVF centers in Bengaluru offer flexible payment plans to help patients manage the cost of treatment. Additionally, there are medical loans and schemes provided by certain governmental and non-governmental organizations that offer financial assistance for infertility treatments.

Q: How can I find the right IVF center in Bengaluru for my needs?

A: When choosing an IVF center in Bengaluru, consider factors such as the clinic's success rates, the expertise of the medical team, patient reviews, the range of services offered, and the cost of treatment. Schedule consultations with a few centers to discuss your specific case and treatment options before making a decision.

Q: Is IVF the only option for infertility treatment in Bengaluru?

A: No, IVF is not the only option for infertility treatment in Bengaluru. Depending on the underlying cause of infertility, other treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), ovulation induction, and fertility medications may be recommended by fertility specialists.

Q: What are the success rates of IVF in Bengaluru?

A: The success rates of IVF in Bengaluru can vary from clinic to clinic and depend on various factors, including the woman's age, the cause of infertility, and the quality of embryos. It is essential to discuss success rates with your chosen IVF center during the consultation stage.

Q: How many IVF cycles might be needed to achieve a successful pregnancy?

A: The number of IVF cycles required to achieve a successful pregnancy can vary for each individual or couple. Some may achieve success in the first cycle, while others may need multiple cycles. The fertility specialist can provide a better estimate after evaluating your specific case.


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